Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ork Biker Update: Modeling Finished

I'm finished building the first of my current batch of Ork bikers. I really wanted a grot shooting the guns from the platform behind the rider, but I just couldn't find a decent pose. The problem with the guns being in the back is that inevitably, the driver and handlebars are in the line of fire! So I went with a forward-mounted dakka gun instead and then loaded up the rear platform with supplies and a banner pole.

I would have loved to have both hands on the  handlebars, but I couldn't find two arms that were symmetrical enough. So he got a nice pipe to crack 'eads in close combat.

I like the rifle wrapped in a fur and tied to the side. It gives this guy a lot of character, like a lone wander in an RPG.

My favorite part of the model is the huge front tire and the shocks on the forks.

The bigger handlebars allow him to ride in a relaxed position like he's cruising on a Harley.

The only bit from the new bike box is this front plate with the headlight and spikes. 

He took a lot longer than I ever planned to spend converting a single biker, but I just kept running into so many dead ends on things I wanted to do. It was slow, but I'm pretty happy with the final result, other than I added a platform to the back for the grot gunner and now it looks bigger than it should be since there is no gunner. Oh well, those things happen when you convert on the fly.

I can't wait to get paint on this bad boy! But first I am going to build a few more. Some will be pretty much stock out of the box and others will be more extensive conversions.