Saturday, November 28, 2015

Second Drop Troop

I finished the second one of my Drop Troops, using a slightly different technique. The plan is to now finalize the paint scheme and try to paint a batch all at once. With Orks, I have enjoyed painting individuals or small batches of two because each Ork is an individual.  With these guys, I plan to paint full or half squads all together, not just because it should be a bit faster, but mostly because I want them to look more uniform and consistent. 

The one on the left is the second guy I painted. After undercoating white, I sprayed him a sand color. I don't know if I will do this again because it seemed to fill in some of the detail a bit. The idea was to get a color closer to the final colors so any slight gaps between colors wouldn't stand out so starkly like white does. But it already takes several coats of white spray to cover the model with a nice solid white so adding the sand may have just been too many coats, or more likely the wrong type of spray or poor technique on my part. 

His fatigues were painted a darker brown and then washed before painting the Balor Brown on top as a highlight. On the original guy, the cloth was painted straight Balor, washed and then highlighted Balor Brown. 

Also, the bases turned out a bit different. I can't remember exactly how I did the base on the first guy, which is too bad because I like it. Another reason to do the whole squad at once next time. I also plan to write down what colors I am using so I can do a better job replicating it later. 

So which do you like better? Any suggestions for the rest of the squad? I still need to model most of them so I won't be painting for a while. These guys take a while to clean up and glue together with all their fiddly little resin bits. 

Here is the only other model I have assembled at the moment. He has been basecoated white and then given a spray of sand color.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Red Brotherhood Razorback: A Fearsome Combination of APC and Firepower

The Red Brotherhood Space Marine Chapter has a proud history of fielding Razorback APCs in their search and destroy missions, as they allow small combat squads of marines to quickly deploy where the action is fiercest and support their advance with the awesome firepower of a twin-linked lascannon.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Drop Troop Scale Pictures

Pete made the wise suggestion to see how the Drop Troop model looks on the gaming table in order to better evaluate the color scheme. I also wanted to show the scale him next to our other armies. 

He is slightly taller than the ork and tyranid and about the same height as the space marine. But his height is a bit deceiving as his base gives him an extra 2mm or so because I squished down a piece of clay on it to stick rocks into. Also, this is the drop troop model with the straightest legs and most upright posture. 

What stands out is just how skinny he is compared to the other models. The ape-like ork and massive genestealer look like fearsome foes indeed for this brave human. 

I think he looks good on the table. I plan to lighten his base a bit but I don't want to go with straight white like the ork base because the white washes out under bright lights. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Xhorik 87th Drop Troops Part 2: Test Paint Scheme

Here is my first attempt at a paint scheme. Let me know what you think.

Let me have your honest feedback. I want to know what you think before I paint a bunch of these guys. I can still make changes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Warbiker Nob: Oggo One-Eye

Ol' Oggo One-Eye is a biker boss with power klaw. He lost half his face, an eye, an ear, and a few teeth from a bolter shot to the side of the head, but even with that, he still never wrecked his beloved trike!

After he lost his eye, he put a matching gouge on the eye of his banner pole. But being an Ork, he gouged the side that matched his injury while he was looking at the banner, rather than the same side of the face. But just try to tell him that! It always looks right when he looks at it.
Being a an older, veteran nob, his skin is a browner, mossier shade than the boyz.

He's got a massive trike with Ben-Hur style scythed wheels. 

With his trusty power klaw, Oggo is a wrecking machine up close. You can also see some of his gang badges on his jacket.

A suitable leader for a rowdy band of warbikers!
This was my first real full Forge World model and I have to say, they are a lot harder to clean-up and assemble properly than the normal GW plastics. They are beautiful models, but they take some work and figuring out. I made some small mistakes and had to make some modifications to this kit, as well as having a hell of a time getting the rider in there after attaching the guns and ammo cases. Definitely a learning curve.

As usual, the big photos have made me notice two areas that didn't get quite fully finished so I will make a few touch-ups. (For one, you can see some unpainted green stuff in his right armpit in the last photo where I could not get his arm to fit flush with the body!)