Monday, December 26, 2016

Drop Troops Primed and Ready

It seemed like a perfect day to prime some models: 80 and sunny. However, some of them have a bit of a grainy finish to them so maybe it was too windy or maybe I didn't shake my new can of primer enough.
These seven plus the one already primed will be on the paint table tonight for base coating.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Xhorik 87th Drop Troops - First Squad Modeled and Ready for Paint

I finally finished cleaning up and assembling the first squad of the drop troops. These models are a lot of fun to glue together due to the wide variety of interesting and dynamic poses, but they take quite a bit of time due to all of the little bits to clean up and glue on such as the grav-chutes, grenades, canteens, knives, etc. But the end result looks great and I can't wait to start painting these guys tomorrow.

The  squad has a mix of accessories and equipment to reflect their status as a veteran regiment that has been on a long campaign. Some have silencers (Does that even make sense on a las weapon? Maybe it hides the muzzle flash instead.) and some have scopes. They are pretty heavily laden with grenades, extra clips, canteens, and packs and pouches of supplies to give the impression they are ready to strike behind enemy lines and operate independently for some time.

The bases have a little pinch of clay, some slate from my yard in Pittsburgh and then sand glued down around the slate pieces.

These are just iPhone snapshots so not the best quality, but I wanted to share a quick update.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Ork Treadbike - First Painted Model in a Year

Since the last update, I moved across country. I finally have my painting and modeling area setup again and just finished painting my first new model in over a year.

My latest Ork warbike was inspired by this weird thing I saw while searching the internet for inspiration one day last year before we moved.

 Watch out. Bad ork biker comin' through!