Monday, June 11, 2018

Drop Troops - New Additions and Full Army Recap

After buying the Imperialis Militias and Cults army list, I realized I was going to need a lot more men to make my units legal for Horus Heresy. So I painted up enough riflemen to give me a full squad of 20, plus a few medics to add into my units as needed. Here are the new models and a look at the full army so far. It just needs a commander to be FOC-legal for Horus Heresy or 40k.

First up, some converted Auxilia Medicae. Grav-chute strikes are extremely dangerous so these guys will be in high demand and given no shortage of opportunities to apply their arts.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Imperial Reinforcements

After numerous stinging defeats at the hands of the traitors, a call for Imperial reinforcements has been answered by an elite strike force of Imperial Fists, led by Sergeant Darius Faulk.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Horus Heresy Battle Report 5: The Onslaught Continues


We used our custom mission cards and each drew a random, secret mission. For a list of the missions, see the previous battle report.

Pete drew Take and Hold. After putting back his first choice, Phil drew Assassinate and had to play it face up.

Rolling for the shape of the deployment zones yielded opposing corners. Phil won the roll to choose his deployment zone and chose the southwestern corner. Pete won the roll to go first and chose to deploy and go second.

View of the battlefield from the south. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Drop Sentinels

The Xhorik 87th Drop Troops Regiment is finally getting some heavy support - relatively speaking, of course...

Drop sentinels of the Xhorik 87th. They have been in a field for a good while, picking up some dust and grime.

Drop Troops Provenance of War - Draft Rules

I'd like to be able to use my drop troops in our games of Horus Heresy. It seems the closest army list is the Imperialis Militia and Cults, as the Solar Auxilia is a bit too elite and has a very distinct fighting style built in to their rules. The Militia list allows for quite a bit of customization through the Provenances of War, but none of them really fit a drop troop army so I thought I would take a stab at making my own.

Drop Troopers................................+50 points

Unlike most Imperialis Militias and Cults, a drop troopers army is made up of highly-trained professional soldiers in a permanent state of combat readiness. They are an airborne force that trades heavy armor for mobility. They have no use for any equipment that cannot be transported by a Valkyire.

All units consisting entirely of Infantry gain Deep Strike.
Option - Sentinel units can gain Deep Strike for +50 points per unit.
Option - Grenadiers and Platoon Command Cadres can take a Valkyrie as a dedicated transport as long as they number 12 or less.

Cannot be combined with Cult Horde, Tainted Flesh, or Abhuman Helots.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Legion Fellblade Super Heavy Tank

I've uploaded a few pics of the newest (and biggest) addition to our Horus Heresy campaign - a Legion Fellblade super heavy tank. I've had my eye on this behemoth for the past year and I'm incredibly excited to have it assembled and ready for painting. As with any large resin model from Forgeworld, it was a complicated and frustrating build that took 10+ hours to complete. Each piece of resin must be cut (sometimes sawed) away from the sprue, excess resin scrapped away, washed with soap and water, heated and re-molded, cracks and holes filled in with green stuff, and then assembled.

This Fellblade should give my brother and I a centerpiece for our biggest battles and a powerful Lord of War choice that entire missions and scenarios can be crafted around. A model like this really elevates the games it is a part of beyond some periphery skirmish - this is now the epicenter of the battle or campaign. And by rule it has to be more than a skirmish, as the LoW choice can only make up 25% of your force's total points. So except for special missions Phil and I craft around this Fellblade that are more in the realm of narrative play, this tank will only be allowed in games of 2,400 pts. and more.

I really felt that this model "fit" with my Death Guard army I'm building. Slow and intractable, heavy firepower, intimidating - it makes sense that my legion would make use of a tank like this as it fits the tactics and personality of the army perfectly. Other Super Heavies may have more advanced weaponry and are perhaps better overall, but they don't fit a Death Guard army like the Fellblade with its old school tank look, its massive turret cannon and brutal demolisher for close encounters.

At the end of the pictures you'll find a size comparison between the Fellblade, a rhino and a space marine. This sucker is big!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Old Terrain - Updated

This little piece of terrain was slapped together by much younger versions of ourselves around 2003 or so. It was looking a little out of place with the stark white snowy base and pristine condition of the barrels and equipment, so I decided to give it a little refresher by adjusting the base to look more similar to the table and the rest of the terrain and adding some dirt and weathering to the equipment. 

Nothing special on its own, but it should fit in OK among the rest of the terrain now. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scatter Terrain

In the last games, we realized we needed a bit more small terrain pieces that provide cover. So I decided to work up these quick pieces of scatter terrain before I start painting my sentinel.

Stacks of pipes, barrels and tires. Simple yet effective.

And here they are again with a few models standing behind them for scale.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Drop Troops Grenadiers/Storm Troopers

I painted these guys up to be my Storm Troopers in the 7th Edition Drop Troops list. In Horus Heresy, the closest equivalent is Grenadiers. Either way, these guys are supposed to be more heavily armed and armored than my basic troops. In WH40k, they have hot shot lasguns. In Horus Heresy, they do not have an option for a strong basic gun (boltguns are the strongest option they have) so I will be adding a couple of special weapons troopers to give them some offensive capability. At some point, they will get a Valkyrie.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Horus Heresy Battle Report 4: Hunters and Hunted in the Ruins of Bielyr


Death Guard Eradication Patrol  -  Pete
  • Praetor Wolfgang: Terminator armor, Paragon Blade, volkite charger, digilasers
  • Tactical Squad Stärke: 14 marines with close combat weapons, sergeant with power fist and artificer armor
  • Tactical Support Squad März: 7 marines with volkite calivers
  • Heavy Support Squad Tragen: 3 marines with missile launchers
  • Contemptor Dreadnought Friedrich:  multi-melta, meltagun, dreadnought close combat weapon

White Scars and Drop Troops  -  Phil
R.A.P.T.O.R. Team (Rapid Assault, Precision Tactical Operations and Reconnaissance) 

White Scars, Brotherhood of the Wind
  • Consul Kuyuk: Power glaive, bolter, cyber-hawk
  • Tactical Squad Kheeg: 10 marines
  • Tactical Support Squad Khoer: 5 marines with plasma guns
  • Legion Outrider Squad Anchin: 3 bikes with twin-linked plasma guns
Xhorik 87th Drop Troops, 3rd Company "The Golden Eagles"
  • 2nd Platoon (remnants)
    • Platoon command squad with melta gun
    • Infantry squad with grenade launcher
  • Attached Storm Trooper Squad: 8 storm troopers
  • Tauros with grenade launcher

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Horus Heresy Battle Report 3: The Raid on Outpost Genden

We wanted a suitable mission to represent a White Scars force with Drop Troops allies that would be striking deep behind enemy lines to destroy a crucial enemy installation. We started with the Sabotage mission from the Fourth Edition rulebook and modified it to our liking.

The Raid on Outpost Genden

  1. Place the objective somewhere near the center of the table.
  2. The defender's deployment zone is a 10" radius around the center of the objective. Any units not deployed to start the battle may be held in reserves and will arrive from a random board edge.
  3. The attacker may then deploy infiltrators on the table following the normal rules.
  4. The attacker takes the first turn, moving as much of the army as he chooses onto the board and leaving the rest to come on as reserves. Whether arriving on the first turn or from reserves, each unit arrives from a random board edge determined by a roll as shown on the map below. Units with Outflank may re-roll.
Game length would be 4 turns with a 3+ chance of turn 5 and then a 4+ chance of turn 6, which would be the last possible turn.


For this raid, all the attacking forces have been issued with demo charges to destroy the objective and complete their mission. The objective cannot be destroyed by firing at it, only by non-vehicle models placing demo charges. To place a demo charge successfully the model must assault the objective in its assault phase and remain in contact until the end of its next assault phase. At this point, the charge is set and the objective is destroyed. Boom!

The attacker wins if he destroys the objective before the end of the game. Otherwise the defender wins.

Outpost Genden: A command bunker, communication tower and fuel processing plant are functional, while the fortified administrative building on the hill has been destroyed by a previous bombardment. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Proposed Modified Rules for Horus Heresy / WH40k 7th Edition

I thought it would be fun to play with the Horus Hersey/WH40k 7th Edition rules to combine some of the better ideas from Shadow War Armageddon/WH40k 2nd Edition and 8th Edition. I particularly like the idea of using more modifiers and fewer "all or nothing" rules. But I would also like any changes to work with the current unit/weapon profiles and points costs (it won't be perfect, but at least be close enough for friendly games). So here are some draft thoughts:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Platoon Command Squad

A quick shot of the platoon command squad for my Xhorik 87th Drop Troops regiment. They were the only unit in the last game that did anything useful (destroyed a dreadnought) and also the only ones to survive the fourth turn. So in honor of that performance, I figured they should at least get a quick photo up on the blog.

The Tauros is nearing completion, but still needs the headlights, some decals and maybe a few stripes or other designations.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Horus Hersey Battle 2: Death Guard vs. White Scars and Drop Troops


Death Guard - Pete
  • Praetor: Terminator armor, Paragon Blade, volkite
  • Tactical Squad: 14 marines with close combat weapons, sergeant with power fist and artificer armor
  • Support Squad: 7 marines with volkite calivers
  • Heavy Support Squad: 3 marines with missile launchers
  • Dreadnought:  multi-melta, storm bolter, and power fist

The Death Guard army has the advantage in durability and firepower.

White Scars and Drop Troops - Phil
  • Praetor: Power glaive, Iron Halo (represented by shield), bolter
  • Veteran Squad Kheeg (+1 WS): 10 marines, 2 plasma guns, sergeant with power glaive and artificer armor 
  • Veteran Squad Khoer (+1 armor penetration): 5 marines, 1 plasma gun, 2 combi-plasma guns 
  • Legion Outrider Squad: 3 bikes with twin-linked plasma, sergeant with power glaive
  • Drop Troop Platoon (partial)
    • Platoon command squad with krak grenades and melta gun
    • Veteran squad with grenade launcher, sergeant with melta bombs

The White Scars and their Drop Trooper allies have superior mobility.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Industrial Terrain: Pumping Station Painted

I finally finished painting the pumping station. The goal was to have something that could be set down on either a desert or an urban table and not look out of place so I made the base a stamped steel grating that could be a suitable foundation in either environment.

The pumping station transfers the unrefined liquids produced from wells on Xhorik Prime and does some preliminary processing.

The elevated platform is the same height as the Shadow War:Armageddon terrain and I used a few extra bits from that set to help tie this in with that terrain if I ever get around to painting it.

I think it looks sufficiently dirty and worn!

The height should be sufficient to give even large vehicles and walkers some cover.

I was trying to tie my scratch-built stuff in with the GW terrain by mixing in a few official bits. It is mostly for blocking line of sight and providing a suitable objective, but the upper platform provides a vantage point for shooting with good cover.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Models for my kids: eBay Salvage

I bought a collection of used and abused miniatures so my kids could have a bunch of models to paint and play with, without me spending hundreds of dollars. Here are some shots of what I got. They will all soon be soaking in the cleansing bath of the Emperor's light (aka Purple Power), ready to be reborn.

Everything came in a big bag. I dumped it out and this is what I had.

The main reason I bought this lot was for the space marines for my kids to paint.

It looks like mostly metal miniatures from Second Edition. There is an Assault Squad (metal jump packs!), Devastators (metal heavy weapons!) and a few random tactical marines, scout sergeant and characters. Those metal jump packs and heavy weapons make for some really unstable models, which is not so great for kids, unfortunately.

Bonus: four metal and one plastic space orks from Second Edition. Great memories here!

Some interesting chaos marines. Two terminators, four Deathguard, and three and a half Berserkers (a couple are missing their heads, unfortunately). 

The old Deathguard are actually really cool models. In some ways, better than the over-the-top new ones.

And a one-armed assassin. Another great model that is unfortunately missing pieces.

The Space Marines and Orks have obviously improved immeasurably in the last 25 years. But I really like the old Chaos and Assassin models and I think they have stood the test of time. Assuming the paint stripping works, I will definitely use that assassin as some sort of conversion. And I think I could use quite a few of the chaos bits for Horus Heresy conversions. My kids will enjoy painting the space marines. The only useless models will be the orks, although I may paint one just out of nostalgia.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

WIP Pumping Station

I bought Shadow War: Armageddon to play with my son because I thought the smaller games would be better: fewer miniatures to collect and paint to start an army and quicker games. It's been quite fun and I am really impressed by the utility of the modular terrain so I have been busy cutting, scraping and gluing it together. I want to add to it until I have a truly multi-level table for small games instead of just a few platforms connected by a catwalk. So I am taking the opportunity to do some of the scratch-build projects that have been on my mind for a long time. But now I am making sure they have raised platforms that match the height of the Shadow War terrain so that it will all fit together.

This piece is a pumping/processing station. I have had the electrical box with the Legos on top and the tin cans rolling around together in a box for over a year, waiting to start building this until I had more bits for pipes and valves. This is a WIP shot and I still have more details to add, but you get the general idea of the piece: lots of pipes, hoses and ladders. I think this piece will work well as part of an industrial board with the other Shadow War terrain and could even standalone with the dessert terrain as a gathering station for the produced liquids and gasses from the extraction industries in the wastelands of Xhorik Prime.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Tankbusta Nob: Da Sarge

A couple of years (I can't believe how the time flies) after working up one of my favorite units I have ever done, my techno-savage tankbustas, I have finally built and painted their nob.

Known as "Da Sarge", he is one of Filgakk Skullsplitta's most veteran and grizzled nobz. He was recently put in charge of the World Wrecka tankbustas to give them a leader with detailed knowledge of Imperial vehicles... and most importantly to keep them in line and ensure their loyalty to da boss. Da Sarge started life as a Blood Axe and even fought as part of an ork mercenary company for desperate Imperial commanders on the Eastern Fringe. Fighting alongside Imperial vehicles gave him a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses that make him a very efficient tankbusta now. And it is where he picked up the extremely strange habit (to orks) of smoking cigars. Now, older even than Filgakk himself, Da Sarge commands a lot of respect from da boyz and acts as a "big boss" commanding a number of nearby lesser nobz and their units when the warboss is leading the main charge.

His boss pole is covered in trophies from destroyed tanks and their crew. His face is lined and creased, his skin tone brownish with age. And he is never seen without his trademark "seegar".

Friday, August 25, 2017


This is my first weirdboy since Second Edition. He is from my World Wrecka tribe of techno-savage orks that are descended from the survivors of the Second Xhorik War. He is a mad prophet who doesn't understand his own psychic abilities. He thinks his ancestors' bones are what gives him his visions and powers so he carries them around and talks to them.The staff helps him focus and direct his psychic energies, with the copper wire providing a direct conduit from his brain. He also uses his staff to discharge his power into the ground when it builds up dangerously without a suitable target, such as in the buildup to a battle or during a warbike race around camp (that's the source of the crater at his feet). The hood and googles also help him keep his powers (a little more) under control rather than blasting anyone he happens to be looking at during a surge of Waaagh! energy.

Part prophet. Part Gimp. All mad.

More below the break.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Death Guard Legion Praetor

I've added a Legion Praetor as an HQ choice for my Horus Heresy Death Guard army. Equipment: Cataphractii terminator armor, volkite charger and paragon blade.