Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mean Mutha Krushaz

There are three mean, green mutha krushaz and they are ready to cause some destruction.

The last member of the krew has twin Killsawz for an extra Attack and Armorbane. Tanks beware! He wears a face mask for eye protection from all the sparks and shrapnel.

Riding in the trukk will be a lot better than trudging around in these big metal suits.

I'm looking forward to seeing this view a lot in the upcoming games as these beasts charge into combat.

Plenty of scrapes, rust, and chipped paint. The environment of Xhorik Prime is rough and these nobz are battle-hardened.

That's it for my first three Meganobz. If they perform well, I may have to build some more. This is an awesome kit with tons of great details and options. I only did one conversion on these three because I was still just having fun with the base kit. But next time, I will be a little more adventurous and add a little more variety by mixing it up a little.

Speaking of conversions, I cannot wait to start on my next project: techno-savage tankbustas! Tankbustas are the only current Ork kit that I hate the look of so I am converting my own. And taking the opportunity to model the first of the savage native Orks of Xhorik Prime. It is going to be fun. (Pete, remember those awesome Orks I showed you on the internet last time you were here?)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boss Meganob

Here is the Boss Nob of the Meganobz.

He got his face cut in half once and that just made him madder. 

He's the boss because he says so... and he has da biggest klaw! It is made from the hooks from boarding planks.

He looks like he could crush anything with that beast.

Next up is the Meganob with the two killsawz.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

First Meganob

The first of the Meganobz is finished. His buddies are next in the queue. 

Bad ass Ork comin' at ya.

He is the only one of the three that I modeled in the act of firing.

Pinchy, pinchy! 

There sure are a lot of exposed gubbinz on this heavy armor...
"But dere in da back, see?"

The wires were kind of a pain to paint and I'm not sure I love the effect of the red and yellow.

He took a Red Brotherhood helmet as a trophy from the victory two battles ago, before he became a meganob.

I can't wait to have a few more of these riding around in their megatrukk.

He was tough to paint, but overall I think he came out OK. It is always challenging for me to paint all the wires on Ork equipment without them being too colorful and standing out more than the other details. I tried to tone down the yellow with a watered-down coat of brown to make it look dirty and blend in with the rusty metal a little better. It's not bad. From the front, he looks great. I love the trophy pole.

Next up, the boss nob with the huge kustom klaw!