Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mega Trukk Update - Da Krew!

I finally got my crew modeled and painted, as well as the rokkit launcha turret! I am so excited about this project.

The driver is a little short, but a pretty good fit for just eyeballing a truck model in a hobby store! The gunner is a perfect fit and I gave him a little brace behind him so he doesn't fly out whenever the driver hits the gas... which is always.

I added a passenger who does nothing in game terms, but adds so much flavor by leaning out the window yelling and shooting with his hair flying in the wind! I can't picture an Ork trukk going into battle with an empty seat.

The turret is not glued in so I can pivot it or remove it. I still have to decide if I want to leave it free or glue it.

The gunner has a commanding view of the battle. I love this shot because you can see the driver and passenger through the front windows. That bar in the left window is an "oh shit" bar for the passenger to hold onto while careening around.

Now I just need to paint up the trukk bed and then work on a few details and gubbinz for the area between the bed and cab. She is really starting to come together. Nothing gives a trukk that Orkish personality like adding the actual Orks! I really like having the extra boy riding; more bodies adds to the overall horde appearance of the army. If it wasn't so time consuming, I would consider modeling an additional boy hanging on for grim death on the side somewhere.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mega Trukk Cab

I have the cab mostly finished other than a few touch ups.

This is one MONSTER of a trukk! Very proppa' for my mega nobz.

I am digging the red cab. Looks like Dad's old trucks.

Here it is with the bed in position. I'll be filling the gab between the bed and cab with some gubbinz.

I will add the other door after I get the driver painted and glued in place.

Still needs the rokkit turret on top. The roll bar is there to keep the gunner from falling out when the driver hits the gas!

I am loving it. This thing is going to be massive on the tabletop.

It seems like the big Ork face on the front should be a little more weathered and battered to make it match the rest of the trukk. I'm not really sure how to weather the black, but I'll probably try something.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mega Trukk Bed

I've worked up the bed for my mega trukk. I may still do a little more detail work like adding a few additional rivets, glyphs, or battle damage.

I started off with the box of a model truck and added plenty of orky steel plates, rivets, bolts and glyphs. 

I figured mega nobz would be too  heavy to easily climb or jump out of the back of a trukk like the boyz, so I installed a ramp!

The bed is big enough to fit three actual mega nobz; much bigger than the standard trukk bed!

With the rear ramp folded up above the bumper.

I wanted a ramshackle, orky, scrap-built look to match my other trukk, but I don't want it to look like a total piece, either.

Here is the in-progress mega trukk next to my other turkk, which is already extended from the GW version. Even bigga' and betta'!

Da nobz will be riding (and disembarking) in style and comfort compared to da boyz.

You can see how much bigger I had to make the bed to fit at least three nobz. The rules say a standard trukk could hold six! 

So what do you think so far? Please give me some feedback on how I can make the bed better before I start undercoating and painting. I think I might need some plates and bolts on the trukk bed and interior of the walls, which looks a little too neat right now.

While I think about the bed a little more, I am going to start painting some pieces of the cab.

3/15/15 Update:
I added some more junk, gear, and plates to the interior of the bed. I imagine Orks aren't too neat so a little clutter would not be out of place.

Added hammer, gas can, plates, beams, bolts, and patches.

Extra chain would come in handy if anyone got stuck.

At this point, I think this bad boy is ready for undercoat. I figure I should stop while I can still get the three large bases in here. Any more clutter and it starts to become less practical. Besides, you don't have time to accumulate too much gear when your trukk gets wrecked almost every battle!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mega Trukk Frame

I've been working hard on my "Mega Trukk" - da biggest and best trukk in da fleet for my mega nobz. Here are some photos of the chassis all painted up and weathered.

The front is the end with the pointy bits! (The right.) I elected to make the tires nice and dusty/dirty to look they have been driving around our cold, dry terrain.

This is where the bed will go. Mega nobz are heavy and need solid I-beams to support the bed!

Here is the ram in front and the armor plates below the ram that take a beating while driving into things. The cab will go above the ram.

The base of this trukk comes from a model kit of a military transport. I am using some bits from the trukk kit and painting it in a very similar style to the last trukk to keep some consistency between them since the overall look of the models will be so different.

I have a lot of the modeling done on the cab and am about ready to undercoat it. I'm also close on most of the crew. The bed still needs some work before it will be ready for priming and painting. 

Once the three main sub-assemblies are done, I will glue them all together and then I will just need to add a few more bits to finish it off. 

These pictures don't show much of what the final product will look like, but I figure I should post some work-in-progress shots just to prove I'm still working along on this project, albeit slowly!

I'll post more soon.

It is a little bigger than my other trukk, which is already a bit bigger than a standard GW trukk!

It is taller, too. Definitely a ride worthy of mega nobz.