Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hive Fleet Tarasque

The Tyranid spore pods had attached themselves to the space hulk like barnacles on a ship. No one knows how long they had been encrusted on the ancient hulk as it randomly wandered through space. They were there long before the Orks commandeered the hulk as a massive transport to new war zones. When the Ork landing craft descended onto Xhorik Prime in the middle of a meteor shower, to avoid detection by the Imperial fleet, they unknowingly brought the seeds of a Tyranid infestation with them.

The forward scouts of Hive Fleet Tarasque swarm over an abandoned communication tower.

The Broodlord relishes the assimilation of new genes for the hive mind.

The termagaunts clamber across the rocks in support of the genestealer vanguard.

The first wave of the hive fleet scouts the planet, searching for biomass.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Da' Wreckin' Krew Gets a Ride!

I finally finished the trukk Amy got me for Christmas. I extended the bed about 60% longer to make it look a little more appropriately-sized to hold 12 Orks. It still looks tight, but a lot better than the stock trukk. All 40k vehicles are a little small scale compared to the infantry, but the effect is more obvious with open-topped vehicles.

I also had to build my own rokkit launcha since the box only comes with the big shoota option for some reason. The only vehicle accessory I added was the Reinforced Ram (it lets the trukk perform tank shock/ram moves and lets it re-roll dangerous terrain checks). I thought about adding the Wreckin' Ball since it would be appropriate for the Wreckin' Krew, but I figured I would keep this one simpler and cheaper for my first attempt. The Boarding Planks are just way too expensive (a 15-pt upgrade on a 30-pt model) and Red Paint Job is just silly in this edition as it does almost nothing (adds 1" of movement only when moving Flat Out).

So check it out and let me know what you think.

This trukk has been through a few scrapes already. Patch it up and head for the next battle!

Not a view I would like to see bearing down on me!
"Be careful or be roadkill."  Add chunky spaghetti sauce here.

A nice ram for crashing through terrain to get the boyz to the fight faster.. and for rammin' stuff after dropping them off!

That driver is really enjoying going fast. And the gunner is holding on for grim death and trying to aim the rokkit launcha.

Red wunz go fasta.
There is plenty of room for the boyz to jump out and assault at the front or back.

A few of Da' Wreckin' Krew check out their new ride.

Here it is next to the Land Raider Crusader for scale. They each hold twelve passengers.

I'll win a race, just not a gun fight.

It is 98% done. I just need to apply some kind of matte finish to it since some areas look a little shiny from the washes. 

I'm very happy with the way it came out. It may be my best model yet for total converting and painting quality. There are definitely some areas I can improve on the next one, but overall, I am thrilled to have this bad ass trukk in my army. You can't be a proppa' Evil Sunz war band without some ramshackle trukks! Plus, it reminds me of all the fun of Gorkamorka.