Sunday, August 6, 2017

WIP Ork Characters: Tankbusta Nob and Weirdboy

After the last six or seven months working on the beginnings of a Horus Heresy White Scars army, I am back to working on my first true love: Orks. I finally made a nob for my tankbustas and then I cobbled together a weirdboy so I could add some psychic mayhem to our games.

The tankbusta nob is carrying a bosspole made from trophies from destroyed tanks and he is also standing on a rhino hatch and other debris. He has a bionic eye with a power cord to the equipment on his back and a massive rokkit launcha.

The weirdboy is seriously on the savage side of the techno-savage World Wreckas, but given his role, that is fitting. I see him as a shaman type who consults his lucky "grampy bone" to tell the tribe what to do. His staff is a conduit for his psychic energy, connected to his cranium with copper wiring. It allows him to channel the Waaagh! energy into manifesting his psychic powers at his desired targets when needed or to "ground" it with the pointy end when there is no target (to prevent his head from exploding). The hood serves to cover the opening where the wires were surgically implanted into his brain and the goggles help prevent him from unleashing his powers upon anyone unlucky enough to be in his sight when the Waaagh! energy starts crackling and allows him to send it through his staff instead. It also gives him a gimp-like look that makes you think of the Warboss keeping him in a crate before the battle starts to prevent a premature head explosion and then uncaging him when the fighting starts. His base is supposed to look like a small blast where he grounded his staff.

I put both models on the 32mm bases to help them stand out as characters among the regular boyz on the 25mm bases. I think it fits them well and gives me more room to add some suitable flavor to their bases to help build their characters.

I just got them primed today and hope to start painting soon.