Saturday, July 22, 2017

Horus Heresy Battle 1: Dusk Skirmish

The Death Guard and the White Scars prepare to do battle for control of the ruined cathedral.

The Death Guard attack at the hour of dusk, their most ancient tactic. 

With the sun setting behind them, the Death Guard heavy support squad have the advantage. 

The infantry of the White Scars of the Brotherhood of the Wind deploy near the cathedral.

The White Scars take the initiative and advance. 

The Outriders speed around the ruins, attempting to catch the Death Guard infantry in the flank.

The infantry advance toward the objective, firing their bolters and plasma guns to little effect.

The plasma guns are unable to pierce the dreadnought's heavy armor, while one weapon overheats and brings down it's firer. 

The Death Guard shrug off the bolter fire and advance implacably toward their foe.

The combined fire of bolters, dreadnought and missile launchers bring down several of the White Scars. 

The Outriders turn the corner and open fire into the flanks of their surprised enemies, felling four traitors. 

The loyalist hold their ground and unleash the Fury of the Legion, but only slay one of the Death Guard heavy infantry.

The Legion Support squad continues firing on the towering dreadnought, but loses another squad member to overheating while only inflicting a single glancing hit.

The Khan and his remaining men prepare for the Death Guard counter attack and charge.

The Death Guard forces march forward, planning to use their superior numbers to overwhelm the White Scars infantry.

The dreadnought stomps forward and vapporizes one of the Legion Support squad members with its multi-melta.

"Prepare to charge the slaves of the False Emperor!"

The unstoppable construct crushes another marine is the assault, leaving only the sergeant. 

The Khan and his remaining troops are charged by superior numbers of Death Guard. 

The Khan and the Death Guard sergeant kill each other in single combat while the desperate melee rages.

The dreadnought makes quick work of the Legion Support sergeant and consolidates forward.

The White Scars Outriders fire unleash a storm of plasma on the dreadnought, but the armored walker continues to shrug off the fire.

As the big melee continues, the dreadnought charges the bikers and kills two. 

The last Outrider breaks off and falls back from the suicidal melee.

The last surviving White Scar makes one last desperate attempt to salvage the honor of his Brotherhood by rallying and maneuvering his bike behind the dreadnought for a shot at the weaker rear armor. But it does no good and he is surrounded and gunned down by the Death Guard.

As the sun disappears and the battlefield grows dark, the Death Guard secure the objective.