Sunday, April 16, 2017

IHI Command Post built and ready for paint

I have been wanting to build some terrain so I have been picking up bits, toys and the odd-shaped item from Home Depot. Here is the result: a command post for an Interplanetary Heavy Industries extraction outpost in the middle of the Xhorik badlands.

IHI buildings mostly consist of prefabricated shells that can be set down and configured as needed. The doors are operated by the nearby control panels.

The rear of the building is meant to face to the exterior of the compound and is fairly defensible. IHI is used to operating in dangerous environments.

The roof of the building houses communications equipment in addition to standard heating, cooling and utilities.

The roof grating provides stable footing for the maintenance workers and a handrail near the pump controls. Safety first!

I picture this building being two stories inside with the entryways split between the two levels. There are stairs going down a half level to offices that are halfway underground. And then upper level would start at where the outer walls taper in and would have access to the windows/firing ports.

The building has 6 Fire Points (the four windows and the two doors); two models can shoot from each Fire Point per turn. I would say it is a "medium" building, capable of holding 20 models and with 4 hull points, according to the rule book. I would say the armor value is 13 because it is not a military building with high-grade armor such as a fortress (AV 14 and 15), but its curved shaped was designed to deflect weapons fire and it is the command post for a powerful industrial operation.

I still need to do something to the base, probably glue sand down, prior to painting. And I will be painting some crates and barrels to stack around the building, but I think it will be easier to paint them before I glue them in place, especially the ones going in the recessed space with the ladder. Let me know what you think. I will be building another piece or two of terrain and then painting them all.