Saturday, June 10, 2017

White Scars Outrider Squadron

Outriders are obviously a key component of any White Scars army worthy of the name. Space Mongols need mounted units, after all.

White Scars need bikes. I hope these are first of many.

These guys have a Hussar look, which was the closest conversion bits I could find to a mounted steppe warrior.

It takes a skilled rider to drive on this war-torn terrain.
You will notice the guy on the right of the photo with his sword drawn has an empty scabbard...

...While the guy on the left has his sword still sheathed.

Overall, I am happy with the result, even though the sergeant's power glaive arm didn't turn out how I planned and looks a bit awkward. I also noticed that I forgot to blacken up the tips of the plasma guns, which I will go back and do. I'll also get some better photos on real terrain at some point.